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Cornelius and William Henry Vanderbilt

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History of Their Business Progress
Cornelius and William Henry

Welcome! This is a site made by a humble student for your viewing. This is information I have painstakingly collected from sorces that I have listed in the links. Hopefully, it isnt too bad!

     Many new ventures or businesses have been funded by the use of money. By funding schools and businesses, the people of today have a better chance for the future. Many items have had to be bought, the very things we use today! Cornelius and William Henry Vanderbilt paved the way for both business and education. They funded many businesses and even started their own advanced school. They have impacted the present and future. Without them many things would have been different, including the movement to the west. In fact, they are much like Bill Gates, leaving their mark forever.

     These sharp working business men of the past can be compared to Bill Gates now a day. Though Mr. Gates has plenty in common with Cornelius, he has more in common with William Henry. They both were born into a wealthy family and lead fine early lives. These men both had a formal education and made wonderful decisions. Bill Gates has only been married once, just like William had. Like Cornelius, Bill Gates started to work at an early age; just thirteen years old! He too did well with his first decisions. Soon Bill was just as people know him today, rich and famous. Cornelius and Bill also shared a love of philanthropy. So, you see, Bill Gates is a like a Cornelius or Henry Vanderbilt of the present.

     Thought these historic men might be similar to Bill Gates, they were different too. For example, Cornelius was married twice whilst Bill has only married once. Bill also didn’t marry his relatives. Plus Bill Gates had a formal education where Cornelius learned from life. Bill went to the hard sought after Harvard! Now for William, he was already born into this future while Bill had to cut his own trail. Mr. Gates was also more of an inventor in his earlier years. He also worked to help the public own his invention while Henry hogged his stocks. Over all, for as many things as they have in common, they have just as much different.

The Vanderbilt family has affected us all, even if you didn’t know it. Rather this be good or bad has never been determined. From economy to transportation, these may have been changed if William Henry and Cornelius had never existed. Without Cornelius and William Henry’s trains many people would have to have had to walk where they wanted to go. If William Henry let the trains go to the masses, letting the public run them, trains might not have lasted this long. Just think, without their contributions we may still take two weeks to get to the other side of our country! These men welt a vast amount of power during their lives, and still do today!


A ship
This is a ship that is like what Cornelius and William Henry had when they were alive.

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