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Cornelius and William Henry

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History of Their Business Progress
Cornelius and William Henry

Cornelius Vanderbilt
Founder of the fortune


           On May 27, 1794 a baby boy was born; his name was Cornelius Vanderbilt. Born to a ferryman and a farmer, Cornelius had a limited education. He was very successful when it came to business. While he was studing under Thomas Gibbons, Cornelius Vanderbilt was already saving money so he could start his own business. Cornelius had a son on May 8, 1821. This son, who later inherited his company, was named William Henry Vanderbilt.


William Henry Vanderbilt
Heir to the business


He was born on May 8, 1821. William first had to earn his father’s respect. He did when a wise decision turned around a barren business.  William, in some aspects, was like his father. William had followed in his fathers footsteps, making plenty of profit for their companies and lives. William married Maria Louisa Kissam in 1841. William Henry Vanderbilt died on December 8, 1885. He left his estates to his four sons: Cornelius Vanderbilt II, William Kissam Vanderbilt, Frederick William Vanderbilt, and George Washington Vanderbilt.


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